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As a native of Florida, from Jacksonville, I studied Graphic Design at the University of Florida. I was led to design through my attachment to painting and drawing, inspired by my great grandmother’s art, which I replicated tirelessly as a child. Since I have grown into a designer I have become increasingly interested in creating effective design systems using print and web collateral. In many of my projects for work and school I incorporate illustration and photography skills to give a unique finger print to my designs. In addition to traditional mediums, I have learned a lot about emerging media platforms that I can use in my design process such as 3D printing and modeling. My work has been recognized in our student graphic design symposium, Ligature, for three consecutive years, and in UF’s Juried exhibition in the spring of 2017.


Last summer I accepted an internship position at Walt Disney Imagineering. This experience helped me learn more about designing within brand guidelines, while still thinking of original and new ideas. for branding. I got to expand my creativity to new levels to help design for Disney Cruise Line. 


In the future I hope to do research on social issues and use design to create products or systems to find solutions to the issues I research . I want to combine creativity, design thinking skills and technology to create innovative design solutions through my work. 

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