UX UI Website


Spring 2017

This project was assigned by a Gainesville entrepreneur, that wanted to invent a way to integrate the students in Gainesville with the locals, using a platform called Made by Gainesville. My solution to his problem was to have Made By Gainesville aim to Inspire students by creating a platform that allows art, volunteering, and sustainability clubs to collaborate and get involved in one overall program. Made by Gainesville will be a team of students and locals who want to make a difference in their community by working with social design to find effective solutions to problems in Gainesville. Those who want to take part in the problem solving would sign up for a team to participate with in the conference. Others can just sign up as individuals to attend the conference or keep up with the website. The website's purpose is to be an introduction into the idea of Made By Gainesville and to have a platform for locals and students to get involved with their community and make a difference by working together. 

© 2017 by Holly Strickland