Colourpop App


Fall 2017



Colourpop is  a now wildly known makeup company that still  continues to gain popularity. With the amount of customers they are accumulating I think something more than a website will soon be needed to make shopping convenient. I designed an app for Colourpop to make shopping a little easier. Along with shopping on the go the app includes access to tutorials, and also match makeup to their skin tone and eye color so they can order the products that work with them the best. Overall this app brings Colourpop's customers closer to the brand. 


My first step in the UX UI design of this app was researching the goals of the company and getting familiar with their brand. I found out their brand is focused around the color pink, and light purple. Taking inspiration from my research and their current logo I created illustrations to signal different pages of the app. I also ended up making minor changes to the logo, just to thicken the line quality.

This walk through takes you into the shopping and buying experience I created on the Colourpop app. This app experience is more user friendly than the pre-existing website because it allows users to easily navigate through the products and even match their skin tone and eye color to products. In addition to the shopping and matching features, the app also provides tutorials.


© 2017 by Holly Strickland