Virtual Surreality Tour and Album


Spring 2018


Album Cover 


Book Sleeve

VR Cardboard

This rebrand of BORNS' album cover included a coinciding book, app, and VR set. I chose BORNS, who is an indie pop musician who makes his listeners travel to "surreal universes" with his funky beats and trippy lyrics. I researched into the audience his music and persona  markets towards. I found his fan base consisted of teenagers to young adults. I took my research a step further to find out what was a trending technology in this age group at the time. I learned there was a growing interest in VR experiences. I decided create a system using the deliverables to lead up to a VR concert.

The book and album "Where my Faded Heart Resides", a play on one of his most famous songs "Faded Heart" are accompanied by the app which allows you to view surreal universes that go along with each song on the album. The app also acts as a VR game where you have to find BORNS' faded heart in the surreal universes in order to gain access to BORNS' very first VR concert.


This is the Google Cardboard headset each fan will receive when they buy BORNS' LP of "The Search for my Faded Heart". This headset will be used along side the app to play games and view the Virtual Surreality concert.


© 2017 by Holly Strickland