Spring 2019


For this micro-site I chose to research Airbnb. If you aren't familiar with this company it is a housing share app that allows you to rent any space from locals of your vacation destination. This annual report discusses the metrics and revenue of Airbnb in 2017, as well as their social responsibility. The basis of my design was inspired by the interaction between people that Airbnb promotes through their home sharing experience. 




After collecting all of my research for the 2017 Annual Report I started to map out how the information would be distributed. I wanted to make the pages clear and clean but also have a lot of info-graphics. The format includes a home page, intro page, Annual Report, Sustainability Report, Creative Report, and finally a Fact Sheet. 


For each page of the website I included a character or element of a character from the home page. This allows viewers to travel with these characters through the website. This journey with the characters represents the relationship the Airbnb visitor has with their Airbnb host. I wanted the rest of the branding of the micro-site to feel friendly and outgoing, like those who you would meet in your venture with Aribnb.

© 2017 by Holly Strickland